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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

20Mbps for $199/Month unlimited bandwidth

I just noticed an inexpensive hosting service, called ServerMatrix, who offer unlimited transfer capacity dedicated server hosting at 20Mbps with an 80GB HDD anf 1GB RAM for only $199 per month:

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Write GameBoy software with the SGADE

If you ever wanted to play around with writing software on your old GameBoy that you never use there's a project called SGADE (The Socrates Gameboy Advance Development Engine), available from here:

Additionally, I just found that if you want to watch DVDs on your GameBoy it's all possible, and more, with this amazing GBA Movie Player cartridge from Lik-Sang:

Here's a site all about GBA movies:

Thursday, December 02, 2004

DV Cameras using Kino

While LiVES is able to edit video imported from many formats Kino is designed specifically for IEEE1394 (FireWire) DV Camera video manipulation:

When Kino is used in combination with a DV Camera, the JVC GR-D200 is available for only $250 for example, then fairly professional results should be within easy reach.

Online Teaching with Moodle

I just found a tool that fills a niche which I hadn't really considered to be available through Open Source Software. The niche is that of online learning site creation and the tool is called Moodle:

Moodle is an open source CMS (Course Management System), as Moodle describes itself. In other words; it's a web based interface to create web based training sites.

As far as features go; Moodle has everything that would be needed to create a complete web based training site, including quizzes, forums, multimedia, assignment submission/upload, LaTeX mathematics equation support, surveys, and student/user management.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Presentations with Criawips

There's a strange story behind the name of this tool, and very little information about the tool itself. Basically Criawips is a very very alpha, as of today December 1st 2004, Gnome presentation package:

and here:

Once you have your presentation in pdf form you could just convert it to a series of images using:

bdash$ convert -density 100 inputfile.pdf outputfile.png

note: A multipage pdf will create images of the form outputfile.png.[0-n]

Here are some useful convert usage tips:

You could then view the images as a slideshow in GQview:

Or embed them in a web page using javascript to manage page reloading.