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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

1-900 with

I've wondered for years how someone would go about setting up a 1-900, charged per minute, phone number. I finally looked into it today and I found that these services are provided by the long distance carriers; MCI, Sprint and, until recently, AT & T. AT & T has dropped out of the market due to excessive "charge back" costs which are inherant in the 1-900 business model.

A "charge back" occurs when a customer denies that they were responsible for initiating the 1-900 number call so forcing the 1-900 provider to refund the fees. This problem caused At & T to drop out of the 1-900 market and also helped to promote a similar alternative, namely 1-800 number services which require credit or debit card authorisation prior to connection.

In general it seems that most of the bureaus that provide prepackaged, turnkey, 1-900 services charge very similar rates. One with a reasonably professional looking website is:


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