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Thursday, March 10, 2005

LaTeX embedded in HTML

I always had trouble in school, many many years ago, printing mathematical equations and graphs in documents. I tried all sorts of equation editors and drawing programs and none were really very good. Finally, years later than my original need, I discovered LaTeX and its ability to typeset content into professional quatity documents that are totally portable between different operating systems.

Today I was reading Wikipedia and noticed how well the mathematical equations were rendered and wondered how they had done it, since I have had so much trouble myself in the past. I discovered that there is a php class called latexrender, primarilly for mathematic equation rendering through LaTeX to generate png files for dynamic inclusion into HTML:

When modified slightly you can render XHTML compliant code from any TeX source as mentioned here:

You can even draw diagrams, which would have been really useful in my economics days, using PsTricks:


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