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Thursday, June 22, 2006

USB VGA Adapter

I've been wanting a means to output VGA from a Linux Sharp Zaurus and had been convinced, until recently, that the only option was Compact Flash, CF, cards. I just found that there are a couple of USB2 to VGA adapters that are available. I hope that someone will create some linux drivers, perhaps I need to start working on some:

Sitecom has a similar, perhaps identical, device also.

I'm bot sure what kind of chipset this box has but I'll report back if/when I find out.


Blogger Eptin said...

Today I set out to find a USB to VGA adapter for Linux (preferably one that works with Gumstix) and found your post. Please tell me if you have found any adapter that works on Linux. I'd be ever so appreciative.

- Eptin.mail at Gmail dawt com

4:35 PM  
Blogger Ben Dash said...

I just saw a posting in the OESF forums, it looks like you can now connect a USB VGA adapter in linux:

Here's the forum posting:

9:33 AM  

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