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Monday, June 27, 2005

K-Byte Zipit Wireless Linux

The K-Byte Zipit Wireless is a mobile Instant Message device which works over 802.11b. The device runs Linux natively, however, the version which comes pre-installed serves merely as an embedded OS for the IM features.

There is a yahoo group dedicated to the Zipit device here:

Personally I'm not really much interested in installing much more on the Zipit than an SSH client, since that will allow me access to my main PC which runs the various ncurses apps which I'm intersted in:

Calendar, CCAL:
Email, Mutt:
Instant Message, CenterICQ:
Web browsing, Links:

The only problems with the Zipit are its lack of local storage and its lack of a backlit screen. I did a search and found a possible solution for locat storage; the ASUS WL-HDD2.5. This is a 2.5" laptop hard drive enclosure which uses linux to enable it as a WiFi access point with associated Samba network file sharing. There's an open source firmware project for the WL-HDD which adds additional linux functionality, there's a picture halfway down this page:

And here's the site with the open firmware:


Blogger Dave said...

Thinking about a wireless Linux network? Here's a page with lots of goodies, including step-by-step instructions that work under Mandrake and SUSE:

Linux Wireless Network

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